Cal Capitol is always willing to go the extra mile – to be there for our organization in the middle of the night when the legislature is still meeting, to brief CAFP leaders presenting testimony or participating in press conferences, and to provide insightful analysis of political situations affecting our legislative proposals. I recommend Cal Capitol without reservation.
Susan Hogeland
Executive Vice President, CAE
For over 13 years, Tom Riley has effectively served as a guide for physicians and other health care leaders to navigate policy making in Sacramento. Tom brings a deep understanding of the people and processes at the Capitol combined with clarity and enthusiasm that make complex issues understandable. Participants leave Tom’s sessions with practical tools and confidence to serve as change agents working with executive and legislative branches of California government.
Sally Durgan
Senior Manager, Leadership Development Center for the Health Professions at UCSF
I enjoyed working with Tom over two years in developing and co-instructing a leadership curriculum for my chief residents at seven affiliated programs.  Tom demystified how clinicians can be effective catalysts for public policy change.  He underscored the importance of "people skills" for advancing good policy at the community, statewide and national levels. Tom packaged his experience and expertise into conversational vignettes that fostered reflection and examination in advance of taking action, rather than encouraging action for its own sake.  He stressed the long-view: character over political trickery, and civility over short-term wins.
Ronald L. Fong, M.D., M.P.H.
Academic Family Physician
For more than a decade, we've been fortunate to work with the team at CalCapitol Group.They've provided exceptional lobbying support and executive-level management for select client associations within Holland-Parlette Associates, Inc. We consider them an integral part of the management services we provide to 20 trade and professional associations that represent more than 20,000 members nationally.
Kerry G. Parker, CAE
Principal, Kent Lindeman, CMP, www.hp-assoc.com
Cal Capitol Group was instrumental in getting the California legislature to pass a law phasing out partially hydrogenated vegetable oil from restaurants and bakeries.  That oil is the source of artificial trans fat, which was causing tens of thousands of premature heart attacks every year.  California's law convinced numerous companies to switch to healthier oils in other states, as well.
Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D.
Executive Director Center for Science in the Public Interest

Cal Capitol Group is associated with Holland-Parlette Association Management